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These are stories of A.A. members
living in the Port Elizabeth District


My name is Malcolm and I am an alcoholic. I have always considered myself an excellent driver, given that my grandfather owned a driving school and from the age of sixteen I had full access to the driving school cars whenever I wanted. I was apprenticed as a motor mechanic and it wasn’t long before I had taken over the maintenance and repair of his fleet of cars, so virtually unlimited access and petrol were quid pro quo for the work I did on his fleet…

AA Port Elizabeth Stories - Malcolm
AA Port Elizabeth Stories - Nadine


I am a 42 year old lady, thinking back it took me more than 25 years of drinking in and out of AA rooms several times. My drinking has caused havoc hurt, humiliation, financial and physical distress to myself and others. I was unwilling to accept that I am and always will be an alcoholic…

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